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This badge documents ability to design effective instruction for online delivery. Badge holders understand how to assess learning needs and provide learners with the content they need; they can distinguish how working online differs from teaching face-to-face, and they are able to design instruction that engages and teaches at a distance.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Individuals holding this badge are able to:

  • Design technology-rich instruction for online dissemination;
  • Align instruction with educational and discipline-specific standards;
  • Design assessments aligned to course outcomes;
  • Design an effective online learning environment;
  • Create a feeling of community online;
  • Design interactive online learning activities;
  • Design and manage group activities online;
  • Work within learning management systems;
  • Locate appropriate Web 2.0 tools and embed them in online courses;
  • Locate and assess open source tools for delivering educational content;
  • Work with faculty to convert face-to-face classes to online formats;
  • Provide instructional design support for faculty teaching online.


Individuals earning this badge have complete the following courses:

  • ED 626: Instructional Design
  • CSE 616: Designing and Teaching Online Courses
  • CSE 617: Open Source Tools