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Leadership Certificate curriculum overview:

Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills that can be applied to business, government, nonprofit, or educational setting. Includes instruction in organizational planning, dynamics of leadership, communication, creativity and innovation, team building, conflict resolution and mediation, communication and other management skills. Students will not only grow as professionals through action-based learning, but they also make a positive impact on their communities and workplaces through a practical application of cumulative skills.

Students completing both certificates and the additional courses for their exit requirement can complete a M.A. in Organizational Leadership.

*Students completing an endorsement, certificate, or specialization only are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Your plan of study:

Once admitted to a Leadership Certificate program , you will work with an advisor to plan the courses you will take and how you will complete the academic requirements of the program. By filing this Program Plan (PDF form), you have a road map for completing your certificate and clarity on what to expect.

Courses for the Adaptive Leadership Certificate

Courses for the Enabling Leadership Certificate

Courses for the Executive Leadership Certificate

Core Courses

Electives: Choose One Option

Option 1

Option 2

6 credits Organizational Leadership (OL) courses selected in consultation with advisor

Total Credits: 15​


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