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STEM Educational Leadership Certificate

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This certificate helps you:

  • The STEM Educational Leadership Certificate is designed to promote the continued development and professional growth of prospective STEM educaiton leaders. This certificate program is standalone or can be completed as part of the STEM Education, M.S.Ed. program.

To start, you need:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Desire to further your professional career
  • Recommended 3 years of teaching experience

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    Licensing Recommended:

    • Those holding a teaching license or in a licensure pathway will be given first consideration

    Finishing will take:

    • Completion of 18 credits
    • Courses completed over two summers

    Begin your Certificate program:

    • Next term

    Where you will take classes:

    • Online

    Tech you will need:

    • Computer with internet connection
    • Video conferencing capability (e.g., Zoom)

    Where this program can take you:

    With a completed certificate, you will be:

    • A qualified STEM educational leader and advocate.
    • Have a developed understanding of STEM education and current standards.

    What you will learn:

    Support the development of leaders in STEM education by promoting in-depth understanding of current STEM related standards, the need for access and equitable opportunities in STEM for all students, and instructional practices with a particular focus on research and evidence-based practices. Provides opportunities and experiences to gain advanced expertise and skills to be better equipped for greater effectiveness in their roles as leaders of STEM in educational settings. Prepare educators to take their place at the table as a STEM educational leader and advocate.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Deepen foundational knowledge of STEM policies and STEM pedagogical content knowledge expertise.
    • Develop STEM leaders who create, support and advocate for environments for STEM learning focusing on equity and opportunities for all.
    • Improve ability to use best practices in STEM professional development to enhance coaching and facilitation skills, and design innovative professional learning opportunities in STEM.
    • Exemplify professional leadership dispositions and reflective practice while contributing to the field of STEM education.


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