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  • Graduate Student General Petition
    • This petition form should be used for any general issue that requires a petition. This form is not used for course changes.
    • All petitions must be submitted directly to the Graduate Programs Office via Amber Deets.
    • All other petitions will be brought to the sub-committee when they meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (fall-spring).
    • The English language requirement for international students is a policy that can NOT be petitioned.
  • Petition for Conditional Admission
    • GPA requirement: A student who has an undergraduate GPA of 2.50 to 2.99 can be admitted conditionally for the first 9 credit hours. Conditionally admitted students will not be able to receive financial aid until they become fully admitted students and a program plan is on file.
    • To be fully admitted: Students must achieve a 3.0 GPA in the first nine (9) credits of their graduate program. (If the total graduate credits exceed nine (9) cumulative GPA will be used.)
  • Graduate Overload Petition
    • Students may petition to take more than the allowed amount of credits; however, the Dean of Graduate Programs has to approve this overload petition. Overload petitions will not be accepted for adding endorsements or additional programs to a student’s existing program.
  • Academic or Licensure Petition Form
    • Petition to waive, substitute, or demonstrate competency for a course required in an education and/or licensure graduate program. When a change is requested for a requirement within an approved teacher license program the reason for the change must be clearly indicated. This is a requirement of the Oregon Teacher’s Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). As a general guideline, all graduate students in a teacher license program should use this form for all degree modifications and provide a rationale for the change requested.
  • Reservation of graduate-level coursework petition
    • Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses: A student within twelve (12) credit hours of completing all requirements for the bachelor’s degree (not including student teaching or criminal justice practica) may petition for permission to enroll in approved courses to be reserved for later consideration in a master’s degree program.

Course Substitution/Change of Program

  • Change of Program Request: Course Substitution Form
    • This form should only be used to make direct course substitutions for courses that are electives in a degree program. This is the form to be used for transfer work. Transfer work should have an attached copy of the transcripts.
      • Prior to submitting this form for transfer coursework, please review the following information:
        • Coursework is from an accredited university.
        • Coursework has a grade of B or higher.
        • Coursework is a graduate-level course and was not completed for professional development.
        • Coursework was completed within the last 7 years by the time the student will finish their program.

Incomplete Coursework Contract

  • Incomplete Coursework Contract: Requests to extend the time to clear a grade from one year to two years must be made to the Graduate Office. Graduate students should use the Incomplete Coursework Contract. Any request to change the official transcript must be made to the Registrar. Any coursework beyond the two years will default to the grade on file.



    If you haven’t found the information you need or are still not sure where to direct your question, contact Amber Deets- Graduate Programs or 503-838-8492

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