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ESOL Endorsement/Certificate

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Designed for:


Provides K-12 ESOL and Bilingual ESOL credential for licensed Oregon teachers. Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) identifies standards aligned to the Bilingual/ESOL educator endorsement.


The program is aligned to these standards but will not culminate in an educator endorsement as it targets support school personnel and other interested education professionals.

Both programs join a large portfolio of nationally accredited educator programs in the College of Education at Western Oregon University.

To start, you need:

  • A bachelor’s degree (Note: students may also obtain the endorsement at the undergraduate level, in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree)
  • Valid Oregon teaching License (Endorsement Only)
  • Working towards license through a Master of Arts in Teaching program (Endorsement Only)

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Finishing will take:

  • 1 year or less
  • 21 credits, which includes the completion of a 3 credit practicum (Endorsement)
  • 18 credits (Certificate)

Begin your ESOL endorsement/certificate program:

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Where you will take classes:

  • ESOL Online/distance fall, winter, spring, and summer

Licensing required:

Must hold a valid Oregon teaching license or be working towards your Master of Arts in Teaching license to obtain the endorsement.

Where this endorsement/certificate can take you:

  • Better serve the needs of Emergent Bilinguals within any educational context
  • Become a K-12 ELD/ESOL specialist

What you will learn:

This program prepares teachers to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students in mainstream, sheltered, bilingual, and English Language Development (ELD) classrooms.

Learning outcomes:

  • Prepare teachers and other education professionals to understand how first and second languages are acquired and developed and apply research-based teaching and assessment practices that address the needs of emerging bilingual students in a variety of school settings.
  • Prepare teachers and other education professionals to foster a climate that is inclusive of all diversity and understand the influence of culture on students’ learning process and academic achievement.
  • Prepare teachers and other education professionals who are knowledgeable about policies related to the education of emerging bilingual students and who collaborate with colleagues, administrators and families to meet learners’ needs.

As the demographics of the state change and the language minority population increases, teachers need to be prepared to educate culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students. Teachers with bilingual/ESOL education credentials are in high demand and are usually first to be hired by school districts with high CLD populations. This program prepares teachers to work effectively with CLD students in mainstream, sheltered bilingual and English Language Development (ELD) classrooms.

Bilingual Teacher Program:

The Bilingual Teacher Program recruits, retains and recognizes bilingual students in teacher preparation programs at WOU. A variety of support services and opportunities are offered students pursuing the Bilingual/ESOL Endorsement, who are known as Bilingual Fellows. Learn more.


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