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M.A. Teaching (Initial License) Delivery Options

Accepting Applications by May 1st for Priority Review

  • Now accepting applications for our campus based cohort starting this summer 2022! Graduate in one year with a license and your Master of Arts in Teaching. 
  • Our hybrid program starting in fall 2022 is accepting applications for students looking for a flexible option that can be done online with monthly in-person meetings.

Looking for ways to finance your program? Please submit your Scholarship Application by June 1st. No application fee until May 1st!


Current trends show that a generation of teachers is soon to retire in Oregon, leaving our school system with a strong need for qualified new teachers. With an anticipated gap in teachers vs. available teaching positions over the next several years the need for educators with Oregon teaching certification is higher than ever. You can start to prepare now to meet the needs and shape your future and that of students in school systems across the state and beyond. Students who hold a current bachelor’s degree (regardless of their discipline) are candidates for the MAT program at Western Oregon and can earn their initial license to teach in one to one and half years, depending on program type. Your Oregon teaching certification will prepare you to teach in middle schools and/or high schools. Learn more about the new Bilingual and Diverse Teacher Scholars program.


    MAT degree delivery options for secondary licensure include:

    Campus Based Delivery:

    The campus-based Master of Arts in Teaching is also a cohort model where you will advance with the same group of students throughout your course of study. This program option requires four terms of campus-based classes and an Action Research Project for completion of your master’s program.

    Online/Hybrid Delivery:

    The Online MAT degree is a hybrid course option that can be completed with one and half years of study and an Action Research Project. You will complete coursework in a cohort of students who track along with you the entire way. They will be your partners on projects and the beginning of your new network of teaching associates when you obtain your teaching license. 


    If you haven’t found the information you need or are still not sure where to direct your question, contact Olivia Flores– College of Education, MAT Graduate Programs Assistant, or 503-838-8675.