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  • New Graduate Certificate (with or without existing program) Request Procedures
  • Internal Review Requirements
    1. Use the New Program e-form; also see the external review requirements below, and the HECC Proposal for a New Academic Program document for eventually required materials. These requirements should be considered as you design your new graduate certificate proposal for internal review.
    2. See the Certificate Program Requirements, use the New Program e-form and select the Certificate option.
    3. Include the requested information in your proposal cover letter (see the New Program e-form).
  • External Review Requirements
    • (dean > provost > president > WOU Board > Northwest Commission)
      1. New graduate certificate proposals require the HECC Proposal for a New Academic Program document to be completed prior to dean approval of the proposal.
      2. The HECC Proposal for a New Academic Program document should be completed, in collaboration with your division chair and dean, in parallel with the internal WOU curriculum review process of your graduate certificate proposal. Note – many of the items on the HECC document may be N/A or very simple for adding a certificate to an existing program. Example – to come
  • Guidelines and Procedures for Curricular Proposals
  • Program Creation Example
  • Program Change Example
  • Course Change Example
  • Presentation Example


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