IDC Badges: eLearning

eLearning This badge documents ability to design effective instruction for online delivery. Badge holders understand how to assess learning needs and provide learners with the content they need; they can distinguish how working online differs from teaching face-to-face, and they are able to design instruction that engages and teaches at a distance. Knowledge, Skills and [more…]

IDC Badges: Digital Content

Digital Content This badge documents expertise in creating content in diverse media such as audio, video, print, and image formats. Badge holders also have experience and training in creating media that is deliverable across diverse devices, and are able to craft digital content specific to anticipated audiences and their needs. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Individuals [more…]

IDC Badges: Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design This badge documents knowledge, skills, and ability related to designing effective technology-rich instruction. Individuals holding this badge have demonstrated their expertise with instructional design that is aligned with the learning needs of their particular students and with the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). They infuse technology [more…]